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What I read...


When it comes to magazines, I keep my variety alive. Cosmo, glamour, and picks of my favorite asian magazines. ar is one of my favorite Japanese magazine, because its content is very true to life. Nothing too glamourous, very wearable and most important of all, the models they use have such fresh and clean faces on. Few clips from the october issue






Revlon Color Burst Lipsticks Review....


Revlon lipsticks in soft nude and baby pink...

Packaging: Sleek black cartridge with net pattern carving in front and back, a square block of the lipstick on top cap, almost true to color. Name of color and number are indicated on the bottom of the tube.


Texture: Creamy. My lips are usually a bit dry, so if you are like me, an underlayer of lip balm is needed because the lipsticks will dry your lips out a bit.

Smell: I can't make out the smell of this lipstick, definately nothing noticeable or overwhelming. If you got a sensitive smell and are allergic to strong lipsticks, this might be right for you.

Price: ~ $6 - $8, def worth the price for the quality

On to the colors:


Baby pink: Pretty self-explanatory. A soft pink with slight iridescence. Very wearable and slightly buildable.

Soft Nude: A matte nude, does not leave your lips look pale but adds vibrancy and color. Wearable but I don't suggest building layer after layer, it might make your lips look lifeless.

Love it or toss it? Love it, for the price, it's a great buy. Since the colors are not very strong, it's beautiful for the spring and fall, universal for dressing up or down.


<3 B


Classic Nudes...


I love the color nude, nude lacey tops, nude lips, nude skirts, nude jewelry, nude pumps.... Nude has always been in style, whether it's on the New York Fashion Week runway or everyday office wear, nude shoes are not only classy and easy to pair up, they would always add a classy kick to your outfit whether if it's a night out or in a professional enviorment. Investing in a pair of nude pumps is a must for all your beautifuls out there!



left column: [steve madden : caryssa $89.95] [yves saint laurent 'tribute' sandal : $760] [carvela kernal wooden platform heeled sandals : $131.42 ]

right column: [topshop pearl lace boots : £100.00] [christian laboutine clou noeud spikes 150mm : $1195] [aldo moos : $80]




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Get in touch with nature...


I traveled to Point Lobos State Natural Reserve just a week ago. This is place is amazingly beautiful, a vast forested land high above sea level where sand, forest, ocean, pebble beach all melt into one place. It's been so long since I have been so close to nature, and as I stood couple hundred feet above a cliff with ocean waves crashing against the cove and rocks, I was stunned at how unutterably beautiful the scenery is. Point Lobos is located near Carmel, California. If you wish to visit too, go ahead and check them out at their web site.  [http://www.pointlobos.org/] I apologize for the lack of pictures.



The entrance fee is merely $10 per car, please wear comfortable clothes and shoes, bring enough water because there are many trails where you can hike, and get in touch with nature!


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Under that mask..


I am unaware of why facial masks are not as easily accessbile for the average consumer in the US, but the beauty culture(Asian that is) that I get in touch with sure is big on faical masks. These little pieces of scary cloths drenched in sticky (sometimes even smelly) serums are my holy grail must haves, and they sometimes "save my face" (literally and yes pun intended)  from some very awful situations where you just don't get enough sleep or just had too many french fries.

Facial Mask Review: SK II Facial Treatment Mask



Price: $125 USD for 10 pieces at SAKS or other high end department stores (better deals can be found on trusted ebay stores *wink wink*)



Personal Review:

Packaging: This mask is a must have if you got some cash stashed away from beauty products. When you first open the packaging, it does not have a film that the mask usually stick to, this makes the process of unfolding the mask muct easier. Nothing complicated, rip open the plastic bag, take out the mask, unfold and voila!

Mask: The texture of the mask is a bit different than the other ones I have used, the sheet is much stiffer and harder than the usual cotton feel masks.

Serum: Very thick, I barely noticed the smell, so if you dislike strong odors, this is a good choice. It is a lot less sticky that the other masks I have used, not too watery not too sticky. Just perfect. A good amount of serum are left over in the bag after the mask has been taken out. Can be used on the body to make your purchase live up to every cent!

15 minutes later:

No sticky residue after the mask, serum quickly absorbed unlike many other masks, face feels cool and hydrated. I had irritated skin due to a day at the beach, large pores and rough feel that persisted for a week. After the mask, all symptoms are gone.

Worh it or toss it?

Worth it! One of the best masks I have ever used, non-sticky, quick absorbing, Skin appears much more hydrated after use.


Hope this helps, please note that I am not paid to endorse this product, I will not put a product in a positive light if I have not personally used it and liked it. Please use this review as a refrence ONLY.

A blog on how to use masks effectively COMING SOON.


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